Community Partners

Pennsylvania STEAM Academy is a cooperative effort with many of the social and educational service organizations in the region, including the Salvation Army, the Joshua School, the Susquehanna Art Museum, the State Street Music Academy, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Boys and Girls Club, WITF, the JT Dorsey Foundation, Theatre Harrisburg, Hamilton Health, and UPMC Pinnacle.

We recognize that education will only be effective when coupled with significant student and family support, and our goal is to bring as many community partners together as possible to create that support.

Join us on this mission.

“The PA STEAM Academy presents a tremendous opportunity for Harrisburg residents. While the Harrisburg School District is making decisive strides in its recovery, all parents deserve access to the best educational choices available for their children. Nothing is more important than providing the next generation with the skills they need to be successful in life.”

Eric Papenfuse


“The health of a community is a direct result of that community’s education, and I really feel that the PA STEAM Academy will significantly enhance education in the city of Harrisburg and build a stronger community.”

Tina Nixon

Vice President, Mission Effectiveness & Chief Diversity Officer, UPMC Pinnacle, PA STEAM Academy Board Member

“High quality educational options like the newly founded PA STEAM Academy are absolutely critical to the future success of Harrisburg. We are so excited to see this new option come online as we know there is tremendous demand for an innovative new learning environment specifically for kindergarten through 8th grade. The proposed location for the new facility is a fantastic building in Midtown Harrisburg that is easily accessible for students and families all across the City and the region. We whole heartedly support the efforts of the PA STEAM Academy to launch this project in the fall of 2021.”

Brad Jones

President and CEO, Harristown Enterprises

“The STEAM curriculum and instructional strategies, taught in small, engaging, and well-disciplined classes , will prepare students to be successful in post-secondary education and STEM careers. Community programs in the arts will play a key role in student learning. The PA STEAM Academy is the school I’ve been dreaming of starting for years, and it’s going to make a huge difference in the region.”

Carolyn Dumaresq

Former Pennsylvania Secretary of Education, PA STEAM Academy Board Chair

“We know, first hand, that today’s families benefit from being connected to a rich network of community services and opportunities. Parents need allies who are invested in the success of their children and our community is rich in resources to share. The PA STEAM Academy will bring all those resources to one location to build a strong educational and support network for its students, and Big Brothers Big Sisters is looking forward to being a part of that network.”

Maddie Young

President and CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region (0538)

“Education is the foundation for developing informed and engaged citizens critical to the functioning and well-being of our society. The PA STEAM Academy will guide children in building critical thinking skills through a rigorous program which inspires curiosity and results in well-rounded lifelong learners. WITF is proud to be working alongside the educators of the academy to help strengthen and support the STEAM curriculum through PBS Learning Media. PBS Learning Media builds on the strength of public media and is designed to improve student achievement and teacher effectiveness.”

Ron Hetrick

President & CEO, WITF

“As a parent of two young children, few responsibilities are more important to me than ensuring they receive a quality education. PA STEAM Academy would provide one that is innovative, dynamic, and holistic in its approach while allowing our family to continue to live in the diverse city that we love.”

Matthew Peter-Fritts